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Frequently Asked Questions


1. Do I have to pay to hunt?

Answer: All of our guests can hunt on our property for free. What you are paying for is to lodge at the house.


2. Are the hunts guided?

Answer: No, when it comes to hunting on our property, it is all self-guided hunts.


3. Are decoys provided? Can I bring more?

Answer: We will provide a few duck decoys at all of the blinds, but you are more than welcome to bring more if you'd like. We do not provide any goose decoys though. 

4. How is the duck hunting? What kind of numbers do we have?

Answer: Please keep in mind that you are not paying to hunt on our property and we are not guaranteeing you will limit out. We have had folks shoot several ducks during their hunts. Mostly wood ducks, mallards, gadwalls, and green-winged teal.

5. Should I book a guide or find other places to hunt during my stay?

Answer: Yes, we highly recommend our guests check out other places, whether it be WMAs or day leases or booking with a guide. We can provide a list of reputable guide services in the area.

6. Can I bring an ATV?

Answer: If you are staying at Salt Bayou and plan on hunting there, we highly recommend it. If you drive your truck or car back to the blinds, you will get stuck. You can either walk to the blinds or drive an ATV. Please keep in mind you will need to keep it locked up during your stay. We will not be held accountable for any stolen items.

7. Can I bring a boat to use on the property?

Answer: No. Our neighbors have specifically asked that our guests not drive up and down the bayou, trespassing on their property. So boats will not be allowed on the property. Trespassing will not be tolerated. 

8. Can I bring my dog(s)?

Answer: Yes, dogs are welcome. Salt Bayou has covered kennels that can house up to 4 dogs comfortably. At Crooked Creek, dogs are allowed in the boot room so long as they stay in their dog crate. Pet owners are responsible for any damage their dogs do to the house.

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